Every year, in Ho Chi Minh City hundreds of project ideas aim at tackling social complication are generated by non-profit organizations. However, shortage of supporting resource putting the ideas in to practice remains a challenge for many NPOs.

Every year, millions of Vietnamese long to do something that makes a positive impact to the society, but they do not know where to start.

“Narrow The Gap” community funds of LIN Center for Community Development is run every year with purpose of connecting those who share common value of establishing vital betterment of society.

“Narrow The Gap” campaign is open a space for people make their contribution of idea, finance and skills to support social projects.


Corporate Donors

8 donors - 236,792,513 millions VND

Organizational Donors

2 donors - 1,419,249,000 billions VND

Individual Donors

209 donors - 94,394,600 millions VND


By engaging people with a shared vision, by pooling available resources and by investing together in projects that address local needs, a Community Fund helps make it easier and more rewarding for people to become more strategic with their giving.

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    Happier is a helping hands of hospitals, sometimes health-care workers have little time to talk to each patient and patient’s family, or an aversion of medical staff may also be a barrier.
    Therefore, Happier play a role as a supporter who narrows the distance between medical staff and patient and patient’s family

    – Doctor from Children's Hospital I.

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    Little darkness violating freaks me out a lot. However, in this room, smiles always presence on the blinds’ face.
    They smile because they are still alive and they are still making contribution. They taught me how to read the braille table, they also show me that the blinds can do more in life

    – The unbind participating
    “Thau hieu ban, anh sang cua toi” project.

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    While running project, UNILEVER foundation granted 350 million VND to construct another 2 fresh water wells in Long Thanh ward.
    Together with Huynh De club, local residents also donated money to build the third one at the same town to satisfy the demand for fresh water in Long Thanh Ward.

    - CEPORER Organization Hoc Mon.



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