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Recover Windows product key

If you’ve found yourself in the midst of a situation where you have lost your Windows serial or product key, then there may be several questions revolving in your mind.

One of these questions may be whether free product keys are available for Microsoft Windows. This is because a free product or CD key can be very beneficial in several situations. Those situations include reinstallation of Windows that is if you’re planning to reinstall Windows then a free CD key would be very useful as installation process requires a product key. It may also come in handy if you’re planning to borrow somebody else’s copy of Windows and would like to install it on your own PC or laptop.

Well, free CD keys or product keys are available for Microsoft Windows and they can be easily downloaded off the internet but they’re not legal. You can find several websites that offer product keys for several operating systems; however these keys are fraudulent keys. This is because these serial or product keys are either created through key generator programs or are copied product keys from copies of Windows that are valid. Usage of a product key that comes from any other source than the original that is through a purchase of the required Windows copy, is completely illegal and should not be attempted. This is because usage of a product more than once is a violation of the software agreement that is made when a person purchases and uses their operating system.

Microsoft along with other popular software manufacturers require a product key to ensure that all their programs are legally purchased and are only used once by the consumer, who is paying for the services of that particular software.

If you’re planning to borrow somebody else’s copy of Windows and install it on your computer then that’s illegal too as the copy should not be used by anybody other than the consumer itself. If you want to install Windows in your system then you will simply have to purchase your copy of the Windows and install that. However, if you are the owner of a Windows copy and have lost your legal product key then there are several other legal ways of locating it.

The next question that may rise is whether it’s possible to change a product key, and if yes, then what is the required process that one needs to go through in order to change the key. If you find out that they key you used in order to install your Windows was illegal, then you may need to change that key. There is an option of completely reinstalling the Windows with a purchased copy of it, but changing the key is easier and a less expensive option.

Yes, you can change your key. Certain registry changes need to be made in order to change the product key, or you can also change the product key by using the wizard that is available in the Control panel. The process depends on the version of your operating system.
Our key finder utility can easily find your lost key within a little while. Lazesoft Windows Key Finder, is one of the best key finder tools available on the internet marketplace. So download it now and find your lost product key instantly.


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