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Window key finder

"A few days ago, I was planning to reinstall Microsoft Office 2010 as the existing one was showing a few errors. However, once I began with the installation process I realized that I had thrown away the serial key with the manual. I didn’t know what to do. Then a friend of mine told me to use Lazesoft Windows Key Finder which would find my Microsoft Office’s product key. This key finder tool recovered and displayed my lost key within a little while.”

What is a product key?
A product key goes by several different names such as installation key, key code, and serial key. It is basically consists of a unique code with numbers and letters which is a requirements by several programs during installation. This unique key helps the manufactures determine which copies of their programs were legally purchased. Basically, the entry of these product or serial keys is a requirement for all Microsoft Windows operating systems during their installation process along with all Microsoft Office versions and other Microsoft retail utilities. These product or serial keys are usually present on a sticker which is present on the PC or it comes with the manual of a particular purchased program. Moreover, even several non-Microsoft operating systems and utilities by popular manufacturers have need of serial keys during their installation. Basically, it all comes down to any software which requires purchasing also necessitates a product key during its installation.
These product keys, in Microsoft operating systems and other utilities, are 25 characters long in length, containing numbers and letters both. Also, along with these product keys, some popular manufacturers such as Microsoft require product activation as well to ensure through legal purchase of their software.

Windows Key Finder Tool:
Now that we’ve covered what a product key is, there may be several problems that may rise due to these product keys. One of the most common problem user’s go through is that they lose Windows product or CD key and while initially it may not matter a great deal, however while planning to reinstall their Windows their process is greatly hindered by the loss of product key and without this key cannot progress further. The product key is essential when planning to reinstall the operating system or any other Microsoft utility.

However, there are several ways to get out of this bind and successfully reinstall Windows. You have two main options. One of them is finding the key through a key finder program which supports your operating system. But if that still doesn’t locate your key, then you have to either request Microsoft for a replacement key or purchase a copy of your existing Windows as with it you’ll get a new product key as well. Requesting Microsoft for a replacement key is a far less expensive choice compared to purchasing another Windows copy.

A key finder program can help you plenty in finding your lost product key. It will automatically search your entire system and Windows registry to find the lost key. One of the best key finder programs in the market is Lazesoft Windows Key Finder which provides solutions to all your key finding problems.


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