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Find Windows product key

A product key, or commonly referred to as a key code or serial key, is a code that is required during the installation process. This alphanumeric key helps the software manufactures in making sure that the copies of their utilities are legally purchased. All Microsoft operating systems along with Microsoft Office and other Microsoft retail programs require the entry of unique product keys amidst their installation process. These Microsoft product keys are often located on a sticker that can be pound on your system. Often several non-Microsoft operating systems require product keys as well, as recently it has become an unspoken rule that purchasing software automatically ensures that you will need a product key while installing it.

A different key:
Sometimes, a key finder program may find a completely different key than the one displayed on the sticker that can be found on the PC. Why is that so?
This is because the key that the key finder utility found was a generic key. Now what exactly is a generic key? When a computer is manufactured by popular companies such as Dell, Sony, and etc. then Microsoft allows the manufacturing company to use a generic key that will help them in producing massive amount of PCs. This generic key will not help you in installing Windows as it is not issued by Microsoft but by the manufacturer. Now which key is more useful? The serial key that can be found on the sticker attached to your PC is the one that you need to use and not the one that a key finder program finds. If you lose your product key, then you’ll have to request Microsoft for a new one.
However, if you’ve installed Windows using the unique product key, then the key that a key finder tool finds can be used to reinstall Windows.

I can’t find my key:
You may have gone through some of these problems while trying to find your key via a key finder tool.

  1. The key finder tools aren’t able to find your product key.
  2. BBBBB-BBBBB-BBBBB-BBBBB-BBBBB is the only key being displayed by the key finder tool.
  3. The last five digits of my Windows product key were found by the key finder, but the rest were all B’s.

These scenarios may occur because the Windows edition you may be using is made available though ‘Volume License’. This kind of distribution works by sharing a product or serial key among any number of software installations, depending on the license, hence a different handling of product verification. This results in your product key not being stored in the Windows registry which is the norm, thus the key finder not being able to find it. The only solution you have to this problem is asking Microsoft was a replacement serial or product key or buying another copy of your existing Microsoft Windows as that would bring with itself a product key as well.

Lazesoft Windows Key Finder is one of the best in the market which offers solution to all your problems. So if you find yourself in a fix and want to find Windows product key, then install this utility and within a little while this tool will display your Windows key. So go along and download it right now.


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