Reset the forgot password when you do not have a Windows password reset disc

On Windows 7, 8 and Windows 8.1, you can create a password reset disk. If you forget your Windows password, you can use the created password reset disk to create a new one. It is recommended to create a password reset disk when you create/change your password.


The following are the steps to create a password reset disk

  1. Insert your removable media. (a USB flash drive or writable CD/DVD)
  2. Open User Accounts by clicking the Start button Picture of the Start button, clicking Control Panel, clicking User Accounts and Family Safety, and then clicking User Accounts.
  3. In the left pane, click Create a password reset disk, and then follow the instructions. Make sure you store the password reset disk in a safe place.


However, many people face the situation, when they try to log in their Windows, they forgot the password. They don’t lose access to your files and information. But, it seems they only have two options: input the right password or insert a password reset disk.


If you are facing the situation and the password reset disk was not created before, what can you do to solve the problem?


Actually, there is another option to solve the problem. You can create a Lazesoft boot disk and then use the Lazesoft boot disk to solve the problem. Let me try to figure out the problem step by step.

At first, please make sure your locked computer boot from the Lazesoft boot disk.

  1. Insert the Lazesoft boot disk into your locked computer.
  2. Reboot the computer and pressing the boot menu key, F12, F2, Esc. (Please find the boot menu key from the BIOS booting screen.
  3. Then you should see a boot menu, which has an item to boot from the CD/DVD.
  4. Selecting the booting from CD/DVD item and pressing Enter.
  5. After that, you will see a Lazesoft boot menu, which has two items: (Lazesoft Live CD and Windows Memory Diagnostic).
  6. Selecting boot menu <Lazesoft Live CD>, the Lazesoft Recovery Suite will be loaded a few minutes. You will see the main window of Lazesoft Recovery Suite.
  7. Click <Password Recovery> and follow the wizard to reset the password which you forgot.


Lazesoft Recovery Suite has many useful tools for administrators. Lazesoft Recovery Suite boot disk is useful and will be useful for your work.

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