Lazesoft Recovery Suite V4.2 has been released

After almost two years development and one year Beta testing, the Lazesoft Recovery Suite V4.2 RC has been released.

Recovery Suite 4.2 Home Screen shot

Recovery Suite 4.2 Home Screen shot

Lazesoft Recovery Suite V4.2 Beta was posting online on March 19, 2016. As the drive image file has been changed to support the incremental image backup and differential image backup, we used one year to do the beta testing and make sure the modified drive image file format is stable.

During the Beta testing, we got many feedbacks and suggestions from your best users and customers. With their helps and the efforts of our RD team, several bugs have been fixed and the quality of the product has been improved. Thank you, our best users and customers.

Because of the free upgrades of Windows 10 in last year, there is more than 25% Market Share on the desktop operating system market. As the requests of more and more users, we added the options to create the Windows 10 32bit or 64bit PE boot disk.

Microsoft Windows Disk Management console has limitation to create FAT32 volume larger than 32GB. Nowadays, 64GB and 128GB USB flash disk, memory card are more and more common to be seen. For the large volume on the USB or external disk, Microsoft recommends use the EXFAT file system. To support the data recovery on these drives, EXFAT file system data recovery is added on the data recovery module of the Lazesoft Recovery Suite.

A lots of customers reports they need to recover the Windows product to reinstall the Windows, but the hard disk is crashed. The Windows product key cannot be read from the Windows registry file. To solve this problem, we added the ability to read the Windows product key from the BIOS even the hard disk and Windows operating system is crashed.

4K and 5K monitor has been produced and used by desktop users. But, for some notebooks, the screen resolution still can be 1280×800. It is a big challenge to support variety of screen resolutions on the WinPE boot disk. So, the option to set screen resolution in the boot disk is developed.

New features, Fixed Issues and Improvements for version Lazesoft Recovery Suite V4.2:

Create a Windows 10 32bit or 64bit PE boot disk

Recover data from the EXFAT file system

Recover Windows 8/8.1/10 OEM product key from BIOS even the Windows boot volume is crashed

Add Network Interface Card Drivers in the boot disk

Support Incremental image backup

Options to set screen resolution in the boot disk

Options to encrypt the backup image with different options

Command line interface (only for the paid versions)

Minor bug fixes