Lazesoft Wiping Disk/Drives Algorithms

Wiping Algorithms of Lazesoft Recovery Suite

How does wiping perform


“Deletion is not secure. When a file is deleted, only the file name and file entry is marked deleted. This mark tells the system the file has been deleted and the space is free’. In fact the data of the file remains on the disk. It may remain on the hard drive until the ‘free space’ is overwritten. Formatting is also not secure. When a partition is formatted, only the file file allocation table, bitmap, boot sectors, and some file system reserved area are overwritten. The file directory table and file data maybe still remains on the disk. The files deleted or in the formatted partition can be recovered by data recovery software.” This is the reason, why the Wipe feature is required.

About the wipe algorithms

All the wipe algorithms performs the overwriting of all the sectors in the selected partition or disk, including the data area and free space.



There are several algorithms to wipe:
“Erases with one-pass zeros” – all the sectors are overwritten once with “0”;
“Erases with one-pass random characters” – all the sectors are overwritten once with random characters;
“DOD 3 passes” – all the sectors are overwritten with 0’s, then 1’s and then once with random characters.