Lazesoft Recovery Suite V3.5 is Released

Happy 2014! This is beginning of a new year, and, like you, we have a lots of plans for the future.


If you are also considering whether to upgrade to Windows 8.1, we have a powerful new version of the Lazesost Recovery Suite available. And it’s totally free of charge.


We think that it is better to try Windows 8.1 on your computer before upgrading it. There is an <Install Windows 7/8 on VHD> feature built into the new version to help you testing Windows 8.1 without resizing the existing partitions. You only need to specify the Windows 8.1 installation DVD drive and the target location to save the virtual hard disk file, and then click <start> button. The program will do the rest. After that you will have Windows 8.1 running on a VHD file, and which can be located in a USB disk. Isn’t that cool?


A Microsoft Surface Pro 2 uses Windows 8.1 x64 with a GPT disk and only supports the UEFI boot mode. More and more computers, especially, laptops only supports the UEFI boot mode. The newest version of Lazesoft Recovery Suite fully supports created boot disks compatible with the UEFI boot mode. When creating a boot disk using our program, you only need to specify the target Windows version as Windows 7 x64, Windows 8 x86, Windows 8 x64, Windows 8.1 x86 or Windows 8.1 x64, and the created boot disk will be compatible with the UEFI boot mode and the BIOS boot model.


The new version of our Lazesoft Recovery Suite has added supports for cloning, backing up or restoring GPT disks; resetting/recovering passwords, and repairing Windows 8.1, all of the features you need to maintain a Windows 8.1 computer.


The following are the new features of in our Lazesoft Recovery Suite 3.5:

 * Clone GPT disk

* Backup and Restore GPT disk

* Create UEFI boot USB disk/CD/DVD

* Lost Partition Recovery for GPT disk

* Create WinPE 5(Windows 8.1) x86 boot disk

* Create WinPE 5(Windows 8.1) x64 boot disk

* Show Disk Properties

* Edit Sector

* Change GPT Partition Type

* Change Volume Drive Letter

* Create VHD disk

* Attach VHD disk

* Install Windows 7/8 on VHD

* Minor bug fixes.

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