Release of Lazesoft Recovery Suite V3.4

It has been a long time since our last release, but version 3.4 of the Lazesoft Recovery Suite is available now. We believe that you will find our improvements very helpful.

Our new bare metal disaster recovery capability means that, when your Windows computer becomes unbootable, even if your hard disk is broken, you still can restore your Windows operating system. With all of the possible threats to your data and files, it is vital that you have a bootable recovery disk (CD/DVD/USB flash disk) which is compatible with your computer hardware.

When you use the Lazesoft Recovery Suite, version 3.4, you can rest assured that your work and data are safe. Using our software, you can create a bootable recovery disk which is able to work seamlessly with your hardware and software, booting your computer normally after almost any problem that could occur.

At Lazesoft we know that no single type of boot disk 100% is compatible with all Windows computer hardware. There are too many computer hardware manufacturers and types of hardware. From our extensive experience, we have found that Linux-kernel based bootable disks are compatible with about 60% of all Windows computers, but that WinPE based boot disks have about 90% hardware compatibility.

Because we want to offer you the most compatible and flexible data and system recovery software possible, we have concentrated on improving our Lazesoft Media Builder, the bootable disk creation software in our software suite. The new version of our software has added options designed to be WinPE friendly, allowing you to specify the different type of WinPE version needed when you are creating a bootable disk:
Windows 7 32 bit (WinPE 3.3 32 bit)
Windows 7 64 bit (WinPE 3.3 64 bit)
Windows 8 32 bit (WinPE 4.0 32 bit)
Windows 8 64 bit (WinPE 4.0 64 bit)

In 90% of all situations, you will not need the ‘Options’ on the home page of ‘Media Builder’. But, if you happen to be one of the other 10%, whose computer has a hardware compatibility problem with the default, settings in Lazesoft Media Builder, simply set the correct WinPE version when creating a bootable disk.

The following are some tips related to certain ‘special’ issues:

*For a Netbook computer having Inter Atom CPU, you probably get 64 bit compatibility problem, please choose the Windows 7 32 bit.

*For a new Windows 8 computer with touch screen, which does not have mouse, please choose Windows 8 64 bit. Under a Windows 8 PE based bootable disk, you can use your touch screen.
*If you are using an older, or specially built computer, please contact us. We will provide Linux kernel based or Bart-PE based CD ISO file for you.

With our new Lazesoft Media Builder, version 3.4, you can easily work with any custom drives in those rare cases that your hard disks are not recognized by a WinPE boot disk.

Many users have reported low backup speed and large backup image files when using the last version of our product. In order to further improve our product, we have redesigned our backup file format and backup engine, keeping them fully compatible with our earlier products. With our latest program version, you will have much faster processing times and much smaller backup files.

You can check out our test report. We welcome you to test our new version and share your testing result. You can find the report here:

Here are even more improvements to our latest Lazesoft Recovery Suite:

Mac OS HFS file system data recovery is fully supported.

The original date and time stamps will be recovered with an NTFS file system

You can choose single or multiple partitions to back up or restore in a session

Enhanced disk cloning by automatically updating the disk signature on your target disk and system, as well as supporting the cloning of multiple partitions

Enhanced password recovery for Windows 8 by forcing a modified file flush on the disk and handling Windows Local Security Policy more accurately

Windows can be prevented from going to sleep or hibernating during long tasks.

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