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Lazesoft Recovery Suite is a very easy to use ALL-IN-ONE boot disk that repair your crashed Windows, recover data from deleted, formatted, damaged partition, clone or backup disk, reset your forgotten Windows password. Download  |  Order Now!


Editor Reviews

CNET Review - Lazesoft Recovery Suite Home Edition
“Lazesoft Recovery Suite is a massive program that provides you with access to several different recovery related programs.”
ghacks Review - Lazesoft Recovery Suite Home Edition
"With several different functions bundled together, Lazesoft Recovery Suite Home provides a versatile solution to your computer backup needs."
The Windows Club Review - Lazesoft Recovery Suite Home Edition
"Lazesoft Recovery Suite Free Home Edition is a Boot Disk that can repair your crashed Windows computer, recover files and data from deleted, formatted or damaged partitions, clone or backup disk and even reset your forgotten or lost Windows password."
Lazesoft Recovery Suite Home Edition review - BetaNews
"Restore files, partitions, broken PCs with Lazesoft Recovery Suite. Lazesoft Recovery Suite Home Edition is refreshingly different."
PCAdvisor review - Lazesoft Recovery Suite 4.0 Home Edition
"Lazesoft Recovery Suite 4.0 Home Edition is a collection of tools to help you recover deleted files, back up/ restore your system, or get a broken PC working again."
Software Informer Review - Lazesoft Recovery Suite Home
"Lazesoft Recovery Suite Home Edition is a powerful application that can not only recover lost data but also restore and repair entire Windows installations."
Software Informer Review - Lazesoft data recovery professional
"The Professional Edition of Lazesoft Data Recovery adds to the program’s ability to recover lost, deleted, and corrupted files and partitions, the possibility of creating a bootable ISO image that you can use to access your computer from either a CD or a USB drive."
Lazesoft Recovery Suite Professional -
"Have you ever forgotten you password, had your computer not boot up, or lost files on a corrupted hard drive, Lazesoft Recovery Suite Pro helps you recover those files, recover your boot or reset your password. Lazesoft Recovery Suite Pro is easy to use and able to recovery data, system and windows password through a recovery CD. Interface is easy to use and general users are able to use it without problems."
Lazesoft Recovery Suite Home - Softpedia
"Lazesoft Recovery Suite Home is a comprehensive and reliable software solution worth having when you need to repair any boot and crash errors due to virus infections or file corruptions, recover your disk files, backup your entire hard drive or partitions, as well as reset your Windows password."
Lazesoft Recovery Suite Home - Softmonk
"Lazesoft Recovery Suite Home is a comprehensive suite which packs a bunch of handy features to help Windows users for operation system problems."


works great, thank you very much!

niv ohana


Thanks for your lazesoft Mac recovery! You saved my day!

La Sessa


thank u lazesoft... u r password recovery only helps me....

Keerthi Vasan


Thanks Lazesoft, i can see my computer back on track now.

Horace Sindire

Dear Designers and Publishers. Thank You very much for this Great product. In my native language the upper case of noun's first letter means attaching of exclusive respect to it. Finally I found what I searched for. It's not so easy to find an adeqate product of high quality in Internet. The Web is overfullfilled by semi-legal self-made assemblies quazysimilar to WinPE. But Your product is of High Quality generally and respectable particularly due to Lazesoft's name. I'm amazed with Suite's functionality and efficiency. Working with it is easy and pleasant. I'd never sent letters of such kind to programs' designers before. But now I can't stop myself. I wish successes to whole your company. Thank You again and again.

Truly yours, Igor Zheliba from Vinnytsya, Ukraine.

Thank you!!! Hello there. Just wanted to say thanks and sing the praises of your home edition password recovery software that I recently downloaded. I just recently bought a new laptop running windows 7. Somehow during the process of setting it up with a password, the password got corrupted and I was denied total access to the computer. I must have tried at least five other programs to reset it but no luck. Yours was the only one that worked and it totally saved my butt!! Thank you so much for making such a great tool on top of making a free edition! Sincerely,


Just wanted to say thanks for a great product. My 12 year old son changed the password on his laptop to keep his brother off and in less than 6 hours forgot the new password. Well, I'm no computer geek but with Lazesoft recover my password for home use I was easily able to get him back on his computer. Now I have a password recovery disc made for him as well. Thanks.

Don in Saskatchewan Canada

Thanks for this tool, it worked great! I'm the superuser/admin that was assigned to fix things because I know how to play PC games!



Fuckin love you man my moms was locked for like 2 years and I percrasinated until I came across this and it works for FREE I love that. keep it up your doing a good thing helping others for free

norman segers


I'm just sending a few lines to give you my appreciation by using your software to reset my Windows 8 PC password. I tried 4 other programs which all failed . Please accept my thanks

Mal Broxton

I needed this type of product. It worked. I love it. Thank you.

David Lustig

That worked. You don't know how much I appreciate your help. I will suggest your program to anyone that ask. Thanks again you're a life saver.

Keith Compton

If you've ever stared at the login screen and cursed at being locked out of a system this program is a GODSEND. Easy to use and quiet brilliant. A friend's system had been brought to me with this exact problem (evidently their 9 year old had wanted to change the Password and had promptly forgotten what he had chosen)No matter how many attempts the Login screen wouldnt allow them past. This program allowed me to delete their old password (their 9 year old's name spelled backwards btw)and create a new one. System rebooted and entered Vista SP1 at the first try. Thank you. This is a great program.

This program worked perfectly for me! When my last company went out of business I got a PC, but have been unable to log onto Windows because I did not know the admin password. It's been sitting around for months. This program reset the Admin password to blank and I can now log on...AWESOME!

Your utility worked first time! You guys/gals are awesome! Keep up the good work! I tried several other tools on Vista Home Edition and none of them worked. Your utility worked first time! You guys/gals are awesome! Keep up the good work! I will buy as soon as able and pass your info to friends, family and associates.

Your software worked superb i was trying to recover an account for my brother and as usual i would use Offline NT since i am an IT professional and i do stuff like that often. But i saw that in windows 8 with UEFI enabled or even in Legacy BIOS it does not detect the drive with windows installed.
Something was also strange in UEFI BIOS mode no matter how many times i selected my boot device it would ignore my selection so i had to use your software through Legacy mode and it worked like a charm! Offline NT didnt but your suite did! (guess its a Windows 8 thing).
Thank you my brother will be happy that he can access his computer again. That is why i am uninstalling it on my PC it was only for a one time use and im glad it was so easy the GUI is ok imo was easy for me to figure out what to do.
After literally, through trial and error, sifting through program after program after program, trying to find one that actually worked as a windows 8 password recovery tool, I found Lazesoft. Not only did your recovery tool do exactly what I needed it to do, but the UI was so elegant. I'm only uninstalling because I dont need the software anymore. But if I should ever need to unlock another Windows 8 computer, i'll know where to go. Good job
Byron Butler

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